Los Angeles Ramen Bar for TV and Film Production Fully Dressed

This Ramen Bar has 200 square feet. There are two serving tables and a bar area(4 bar chairs). And also a table for making sushi. Everything is ready to shoot, all you have to do is put your own sign in the front and that’s it.

Our standing sets are built in June 2018 includes: courtroom, police station, jails, hospital, vault, classroom, living room, bedroom, casino poker room, kitchen, office and lots more. Most of our sets are pre-set dressed already.

We want to save your time and the art budget for your project.

There are no hiding fees, what you see on the website is what you are going to pay.

We are located in the city of Maywood, 8 miles from downtown LA.

Email info@idealsets.com to schedule a tour.